Hnub No Hnub Tshiab Album 2022

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1. Prestin (Yog Kuv Ntxov Paub)
2. Shaunn (Wb Zaj Yeeb Yam)
3. Cheenou (Neej Poob Qab)
4. Yasmi (Txhob Rov Los)
5. Shaunn (It’s You I Love)
6. Yasmi ( Puag Thaum I)
7. Cheenou (Puas Kam Rov Hlub)
8. Prestin (Thov Txhua Yam)
9. Yasmi (Tus Hlub)
10. Shaunn (Hnub No Hnub Tshiab)
11. Yasmi (Sib Hlub Sib Ntxub)
12. Shaunn (Nco Txog Koj)

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Hnub No Hnub Tshiab


15 reviews for Hnub No Hnub Tshiab Album 2022

  1. Pa Thao

    I got the usb since my car doesn’t have a CD player. It’s very easy to play it via the usb. Love all the songs, especially Prestin’s song Thov Txhua Yam. Keep producing more music! Looking forward to your concert tour!

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  2. Cua Thao

    One of my best and favorite Album this year under Hmong artist!

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  3. Caroline Thao

    I got this CD at Fresno Hmong New Year. The CD I purchased had some statics. I wasn’t planning to return to the NY to exchange it and since my brother-in-law was there, he stopped at Yasmi’s booth and she willingly offered him a new CD without having me return the defected one. Awesome customer service! The Songs did not disappoint. The lyrics are deep and the melodies are nice. If you didn’t get it yet, get it! You won’t regret it!

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  4. Xee X. (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to receive my usb from you! Want to listen them all already! They’re 5 out of 5.

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  5. Xee Xiong

    I’d love to say that I loved everything about this album. The teaser was doing the best of me! Gotta love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ALBUM! 💕

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